Chaitanya Multiple Campus (CMC) is a community based public campus. It is non-profit service oriented campus. It is located at the prime location of Banepa Valley, 25 km apart east from Kathmandu. It was established on 15th Mangshir 2048 B.S.(1st December 1991 A.D.) under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University (T.U.) as the one of the campus of this district with sincere effort of the experienced teachers, educationists having associated to school education and social workers in Banepa. There is no constituent campus in the district. So when Campus was established, it has one of the main aim was “to extend the facility and easy excess in higher education at affordable cost for the student as well as to produce quality and efficient human resource to fulfill of demand of market in community and country.”

After the people’s movement (Jana Andolan) for restoration of democracy in Nepal in 1990 and its effects in the field of education inspired the conscious people to establish a college to educate different faculties of higher education in Banepa. By 1990, it became difficult for Tribhuvan University (TU) to manage the increasing number of student in constituent campus and formed the policy of providing affiliation to Campus in public and private sectors. In this context, this campus has got affiliation and started PCL and Bachelor level classes in Chaitanya Secondary School.

This campus has been providing an opportunities of higher studies to geographically backward and remote area, economically backward as well as socially marginalized student of Kavre, Ramechhap, Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli and other districts. It has started M.Ed. (EPM, Maths, and English & Nepali) since 2062 Poush, as the first degree campus in Kavre district. It has more than twenty five years long history.

The major financial source of campus is based on the students’ fee apart from the regular grants of university grant commission (UGC) that started from establishment of campus. Although the campus has been develop its physical infrastructure. Due to the excess of the expenses and salary increment comparison self generated source of income we are not able to improve the academic status as our expectation. So it has to reform in academic mechanism.

This annual report shed light on various aspect of campus like Academic progress including students’ enrolment trend, students pass out trend, graduate trend and etc, physical progress, financial progress including audit observation , social progress, issues and challenges and annual work plan and projected plan and budget as per the strategic plan.



Chaitanya Campus aspires to  be recognized as one of the excellent (best quality) learning center in Central Region (Province no 3) in Nepal, noted for its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning , cost and in student success in relevant ( undergraduate, graduate) programs.


The mission of Chaitanya Campus is to provide an excellent and affordable education for a diverse community of learners by offering undergraduate and graduate programs within a stimulating learning environment that will enhance their potential for success in society of the 21st century.


CMC has provision of scholarship 4.5% of total enrolled students for needy and meroterious (excellent) students. Students can contact the administration for details. Students who do not admit in time and do not pass the internal assesment may not be provided the scholarship.


  1. To increase students’ enrollment and improve excellence in education (teaching, learning and success rate).
  2. To maintain and enhance excellence in leadership, faculty, staff, management and research
  3. Development  and maintenances of infrastructure
  4.  Strengthen & expansion of academic programs
  5. Strengthen the senesce of institutional citizenship in member of organization.
  6. Strengthen the public engagement of the campus’s education, research, and activities with local, national, and international communities.
  7. Quality Assurance and Accreditation by UGC Nepal